Bennis Takeaway Tullow

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Menu Bennis Takeaway Tullow

Pizza is the best companion of a person while having the choices of fast foods. We are also ardent lovers of pizza and in our restaurant, Bennis Takeaway Tullow can surely declare that we serve the best quality Pizza available in the city. Besides Pizza, we also prepare various snacks which are very famous among our customers as they are of best quality and supreme in taste. We are known for our pizza and that’s what we can proudly flaunt to our customers. Hence if you are a pizza lover, this is the place for you. We prepare various types of Pizza items like Hot & Spicy Pizza, Paddy's Pizza, Mexicana Pizza, Capricciosa Pizza, Chef's Pizza, Benni's Pizza, Garlic Bread Special Pizza etc. These items are bound to delight you with their pure taste and their cheesy nature. In any case, is burger your choice of fast food? We are specialized in making Burgers as well. Burger items which will surely water your mouth like Benni's Burger, Prime Burger, 1/2 Pounder with Cheese and Bacon & Egg Burger, 1/4 Pounder with Egg and Bacon Burger, Regular Burger, Onion Ring Burger etc are available here. Next come fish and chips creations, another significant fast food. Delicious items like Fresh Fillet of Cod, Curry Cheese Chips, Garlic Cheese Chips, Taco Sauce Cheese Chips, Cheese Chips etc are also prepared by us to satisfy your appetite. Hence, we request you to visit us and spend a great time. Your satisfaction is assured by our magnificent dishes and ambience.

About Bennis Takeaway Tullow

In the city, we are undoubtedly the best choice for your consideration of pizza or any other fast food items. Here we prepare food with utmost care to maintain the quality of food. We are very lucky to get so many customers in this city especially pizza lovers. We have earned their faith by means of our hard work. True hospitality backed up by perfect ambience is our strength. If you wish to have all the fun right from the comfort of your couch, try our home delivery services. You can order from us through our app found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. Choose from the items that we have on offer and place your order. We'd make sure that we deliver the best quality at our disposal. Download our app today.

Restaurant location Bennis Takeaway Tullow

Our restaurant is located at The Square, Tullow, Co. Carlow. This place is at the heart of the city and hence is accessible from any corner of the city. As a result, customers come from various places in the city come to our restaurant to enjoy our restaurant's astonishing vibes and food. The condition is even more enhanced by the hassle-free transportation in this region which is very helpful for our customers. Even if for some reason, you are unable to find us, our app is there to help you. Just download and install our app and you will get the details about our location in our app. Let our app guide you to this restaurant. The pure taste of pizza is waiting for your appearance here in our café. Visit us today.

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